Our aim is to provide smooth service and best experience. But anything could happen. For these cases, we prepared most frequented question. This list will be refreshed based on your feedbacks.

Which ID can be used? Stand can work with any contactless card or with our mobile application with using NFC or QR codes. But what is allowed on particular stand is based on our partner and place. It could be e.g. only city and traffic cards. For more information about conditions on particular places we will add list.

If banking card is used, could be misuse my data? No sensitive data are used for identification. We do not have access to banking details as they are strongly protected by banks. We use just public technical data which can´t be misuse.

Do I pay for usage of the stand? Stand can be used for free or as paid service. It is based on decision of particular partner and you can get this information from him. But we will create list with this information.

How long time can I have chained my bike? Maximum recommended time for one action is 24 hours, but again it is based on particular partner.

Can I use mobile phone for identification? Mobile application with using NFC and QR codes is currently in development process.

Can I chain my bike to stand with my own chain? We please for consideration of standard users.

I can´t unlock my bicycle where I can call? If this situation happened and flow for unlock does not work, please use this number +420 603 310 193.

Where I can call when I lost my identification holder? If this situation happened, please use this number  +420 603 310 193.